Torah Ark

Use: Torah Ark
Material: Solid Maple Slats on a Veneer Panel
Size: w 51" d 18" h 62"
Fabrication: Wood Harmony
Status: Completed in 2022
Location: Bucktown Chabad Jewish Center

The Ark is a sacred storage object which contains the Torah scrolls, and it is found in all Jewish houses of worship. During the prayer services, the worshipers interact with this object, opening and closing its doors, removing the scrolls and reading from the Torah. The appearance and size of the Arks vary, and in most cases, it is meant to be the centerpiece inside the prayer room. For this Torah Ark design we were after an illusion, to have this sacred object appear to levitate in space, a focal point that somehow defies gravity. Its outer surface is articulated using the borrowed geometry in the Star of David. The triangulation of the maple slats integrates and hides all the seams, adding to the mystery in how one interacts with this Ark. Its tactile surface and the unique operation adds to the overall experience of this religious ceremony of opening and closing the Torah Ark’s doors.