Shelving Forest

Use: Display and Organization
Material: Veneered Panel on Solid White Oak Dowels
Size: w 84" d 16" h 96"
Fabrication: Zak Rose
Status: Planted

The Shelving Forest grew out from our client’s request to display one’s collection of personal items over time. Nested within an existing niche, this intricate system of six white oak supports and corresponding thirteen shelves create a visual backdrop within the room. The staggered modular geometry and the repetitive nature of a single mirrored and rotated shape allow for these shelves to visually hover in space.  As with most furniture, attention is acutely placed on how the elements are put together. The intersection of vertical and horizontal is celebrated via a square pin inside a round dowel. From a distance these connections are not visible, but as one comes close to observe the objects on display, the intricate joinery is revealed.  This assembly of parts to whole are now patiently awaiting to absorb more collectibles, hoping to fill out and grow denser as time passes by.