Imperfect Table

Use: Dining Table
Material: Solid White Oak Top and Legs
Size: Varies w 96"-120" d 48" h 29"
Fabrication: Wood Harmony
Status: Completed in 2021
Status: Available for Purchase

The “Imperfect” table is meant to be a conversation piece as it resides in one’s home. Its design explores the use of wood material and form, integrating both traditional and high-tech woodworking craft.

This table design re-shapes the ideal oval geometry. Its subtle contours offer flexibility in seating arrangement, absolving the desire for a set configuration.  Its legs appear proportionally light and are positioned to create structural stability and ample legroom.

The Imperfect table is not just a one off furniture piece, it ranges in both size and finish. Choosing one will surely be an imperfect match.