C Ukraine

Type: Ukrainian Cultural Pop-Up
Program: Retail, Cafe and Special Events
Location: 410 N. Michigan, Chicago
Collaboration: Matthew Hoffman, Luna Prysiazhniuk
Construction: Show Strategy
Status: Completed 2023
Brief: Design of a 2,200 sf Space, Including Custom Millwork, Mural & Window Art Installation

Привіт! Hello!

C Ukraine, is a window into contemporary Ukrainian culture, creativity, and craft. 

“Chicago Ukraine” is a collaborative project between Chicagoan and Ukrainian designers, artists, and businesses that highlights Ukraine’s ingenuity and innovative spirit. It presents the Ukrainian way of life and contributions to the world, from agriculture, cuisine, and fashion, to art, music, and technological advancements.

Despite the war that is waged upon Ukraine and its people, the resilient collective spirit and unyielding courage is not deterred. This project highlights the optimism, beauty, and positivity, celebrating Ukraine’s past, present, and future.

This “C Ukraine” project was made possible by generous support from World Business Chicago and the Consulate General of Ukraine in Chicago.