RoundKeep Table

Use: Coffee Table
Material: Stainless Steel Base with Glass Top
Size: w 36" l 36" h 16"
Status: Completed 2011

This coffee table base is designed as a sequential step-by-step assembly logic using three flat, rectangular sheets of material. The interlocking of the three discreet planes creates a triangulated form which, when subsequently bent, attains a rigid structural expression.

In order to achieve a functional purpose for this table, a rectangular piece of glass is placed on top of the base. A dialogue between the sculptural base and the rectangular top is created via the cutout within the glass. Mimicking the profile of the structure below, the resultant void provides a functional area for a flower vase. Fresh flowers emerge out of the base, complementing the organic nature of the table form.


2012  Cool Entrepreneurs

2011  Design Milk