2016 West Rice

Type: Residential- New Construction
Program: Multi-Family
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Client: Ranquist & Spartan Development Groups
Construction: MC Construction Group
Status: In Construction
Brief: New 14,000 SF Eight-Unit Condominium Building

The 2016 West Rice residences are located in the heart of one of the Chicago’s oldest established neighborhoods, Ukrainian Village. Comprised of 4 uniquely configured duplexes with 4 single story units stacked above, this 8 unit residential typology is a design response to our client’s need to maximize the buildable footprint.

The outcome is a building consisting of individual urban dwellings wrapped within one contiguous shell. Unlike a single family home, each unit is designed with at least three distinct orientations, maximized for daylight exposure, cross breezes throughout the day and ample outdoor space.

The exterior appearance and massing of this structure are a direct result of the careful interior planning. The two large cubic voids at the SE and NW corners of the building define the exterior terraces for the upper floor units. While the nested structures within the voids echo Chicago’s infamous fire escapes, they help with anchoring the street's corner edge as well. Additionally, the careful placement of the individual openings in the building’s corrugated metal skin appear more as perforations within the mass, visually reducing the overall sense of this project’s scale among its neighbors. The reflective qualities of the selected exterior cladding creates a dynamic play of light and shadow across the façades, highlighting atmospheric changes brought forth by the seasons and throughout each day.