Faculty Positions at the SAIC

Paul Tebben and Vladimir Radutny were recently appointed to faculty positions at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Along with a talented team of progressive designers, they will be teaching a graduate level design studio titled Interactive Spaces. The trans-disciplinary graduate studio will investigate the current issues surrounding the design for the new Chicago Children’s Museum. It will focus on design scenarios that demand engagement at multiple scales and require combinations of various disciplinary techniques of inquiry, analysis, description and design. Students will work in collaborative teams to understand, and make legible, all aspects of a complex situation found in everyday life. This preliminary work will form the basis for designing a critical system of objects and environments. Student teams will develop propositional work with a visionary perspective that includes a human behavioral component and participatory designs that utilize relevant technologies. Fundamental to the team initiative is the development of unified design approach that synthesizes (3) design disciplines (Architecture, Interior Architecture, Designed Objects) into one cohesive approach.

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